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#9: Found families & rainy days

May came and brought the rainy season to Budapest, so while the drizzle patters away on my window sill, let me offer you a few ways to spend some quality time indoors before we can all go to the beach.

Also, the last issue was quite long, so to balance things out, this time around I'll be extra quick:

1) Chase some desperate glory

My current contender for the best book of 2023 is a fantastic piece of social science fiction called Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh. I guarantee you that this book won't be what you expect it to be. Also, if you loved and miss the Mass Effect games, pick this up immediately.

You can thank me later.

2) Find a family under the Midnight Sun

I hyped the new Firaxis game Midnight Suns once already, but since I finished it yesterday now is a good time to tell you that it stayed excellent throughout. Its epic finale also left my heart in a million tiny pieces.

If you like stories of friends standing together and standing by each other, give it a try.

3) Encore

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 yesterday with Andrea. Guardians was nowhere near my favorite franchise in the MCU so imagine my surprise when this movie single-handedly pushed it into the top three. It's emotional, it ties off everything in a neat bow and feels like the last great Marvel movie of the pre-Endgame era.

Hats off to you, Mr. Gunn. Also, after you watched it, read this excellent essay by one of my favorite columnists to understand why Vol. 3 is special to watch as a comic book fan.

+1) No plus one this time.

Go, have fun, and maybe take a quick walk between two rainstorms if you can. We'll meet again in two weeks.

Bye! 👋